“Mmm… jazz ceilidh? Would that work? I was slightly sceptical but attended last night’s “SignSoc Charity Ceilidh” with an open mind.

This is the first time that I have heard “Saxofolk” live and I have to say that I was VERY impressed. The tempos were metronomic with a cool laid back groove which was amazing, featuring jazz standards like “Caravan” and “Satin Doll”.

The dances were expertly called by Mari Jones who I believe put the band together, who allowed just the right amount of space to allow the non-dancers to catch up with how to execute each movement of the dance.

If you like trad jazz then you will love Saxofolk. I am now a fan and I highly recommend them and would rate them as part of my top 5 of all the ceilidh bands I have ever danced to as a ceilidh enthusiast.” Richard Bariball, Ceilidh Enthusiast


“Saxofolk must be the finest and best jazz style ceilidh in Scotland, amazing jazzy riffs.”

Chris Corduroy, Ceilidh Enthusiast 

“A brilliant music fusion; perfect for dancing. A confident and fun ceilidh ensemble with a good mix of traditional Scottish tunes with underlying jazz harmonies and percussion.” Catt Knott, Edinburgh University Folk Society President 

“These guys are great and have played at our ceilidhs” Robin Naumann, Edinburgh Ceilidh Collective