Is your music easy to ceilidh dance to?

Yes! We’ve carefully selected all our sets to go with the dances. We normally start each set with a traditional tune, and gradually introduce more jazz harmonies whilst maintaining a strong rhythmic feel throughout the dance. We will continue calling the steps until everyone’s got the dance sussed.

Will you call the dances?

Yes, unless you ask us not to we run through each dance before starting to play. We are used to playing for a wide range of abilities, from ceilidh first-timers to seasoned dancers.

How long will you play for?

We will tailor playing time to fit around your event. We tend to play roughly 2 sets of 75 minutes with half hour break, but we are happy to vary this to suit you.

Will you travel outside of the Edinburgh area? 

We are happy to travel to gigs so long as the travel expenses are covered.

What happens if the dancers get tired?

Part of the job of being a ceilidh band is guageing how the dancers are doing and tailoring the sets accordingly. We are always happy to play some tunes while the dancers have a rest in between dances. We tend to alternate between more and less energetic dances.

Do you also play sit-down-and-listen music?

Yes, we also double as a jazz function band. Instead of booking a ceilidh band and then a jazz band for your event, why not reduce the hassle and the cost – We will play a full length ceilidh followed by a sit down jazz gig, and we won’t repeat anything!

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